In 1993, I started to wonder what to do with the shoeboxes full of black/white negatives, made in 1955 - 1965. Photographing was my great passion in those years and publications in journals and magazines provided the necessary money for life support. But often the better photo's had not been chosen or were victim of a miserable layout and a poor printing technique. A photographer is rarely satisfied about publications of his work. But the storing of negatives in unsolid shoeboxes, waiting for their way to the dust container, would make the archiving of so many years useless.The best approach of the problem is a new dynamic start by simply using the laws of optical grammar. As a documentary photographer you always take visual measures of a situation, which is of course mostly subjective. And where not subjective, always referring to the folding rule with overprint 'not for trade purposes'. By making new photographs matching to those I made forty years ago, a new photo story is born. Without the influence of editors, art directors and principals. It is a story of an independent author.
photo's: © jacques meijer